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Student Assistance Program (SAP) -

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a systematic intervention process for students at risk.  An at-risk student is one who has an emotional, social, and/or substance abuse problem that interferes with the normal learning process.  These problems include, but are not limited to, the following:


Academic and behavioral difficulties

Eating disorder

Depression or other mental health problems

Substance use or abuse

Suicidal thoughts or gestures

Self-mutilation (cutting or scratching oneself)



Relationship problems

Traumatic event


The Student Assistance Team is NOT a disciplinary team or treatment program, SAP is an intervention program. The team does not diagnose or treat the problem; however, professional substance abuse and mental health assessment services are available through the community agency liaisons who work with the team.

If a student is experiencing difficulty at school or home, that is a barrier to learning then the Student Assistance Program is an excellent resource. MAKE A SAP REFERRAL

All members of Student Assistance Team are trained by a PA Dept. of Education approved provider (Teenline). Teenline is a service of the Holy Spirit Health System. The Teenline program is recognized as a Commonwealth Approved Training Provider for Student Assistance Trainings by the Department of Education and has been providing training since 1986.

Carlisle High School has two SAP Teams, one in the Swartz building and one in the McGowan building. Contact information for team members can be found below:

McGowan SAP Team

Amy Knapp (Counselor) –

Dr. Patti Buffington (Principal) –

Cynthia Lupold (Principal) –

Diane Lello (Nurse) –

Seth Roper (Social Studies) –

Delia Roper (Social Studies) –

Devon Collier (Phys Ed.) –

John McGuire (English) –

Christina Hagood (Science) –

Beth Herbster (Teenline) –

Jenny Gates (Cumberland Perry Drug & Alcohol) -

Swartz SAP Team  

                Kim Spangler (Nurse) –

                Ginger Rotz (Counselor)

Lynne Kline (Phys Ed.) –

Mike Gavazzi (Social Studies) –

Dana Smetana (English) –

Doug Hewlett (English) –

Rob Thompson (Emotional Support) –

Amanda Kelly (English)

Brenda Schultz (Teenline) –

Jenny Gates (Cumberland Perry Drug & Alcohol) -

Additional Resources

A statewide toll-free suicide and crisis hotline for teenagers and parents (1-800-722-5385)

Cumberland County Crisis Intervention: (717.243.6005)

PA SAP Website:


Cumberland Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission: