Parking Permit, Rules and Regulations

Parking Rules and Regulations
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Parking Permits for the 2019-20 school year are sold out.

Click here for Parking Registration Form (via InfoSnap)
Students may pick up their parking permit in the McGowan Office starting the SECOND WEEK of school.

Student parking is a privilege.  Any student parking on the Carlisle High School campus must follow the rules and regulations.

  • Any student requesting a parking pass must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Students must display their parking tag on their rear view mirror at all times.
  • Once all passes have been sold, students may have their names placed on a waiting list for any spots which may become available during the school year.

All students driving to school must be registered:

  • Register by either completing the registration form on Info Snap or by completing a registration form. The registration form can be obtained in the McGowan Main Office.
  • The registration fee is $30. The fee for a replacement tag is $1.00.

Assigned Parking Areas:

  • Students will be assigned to a specific parking lot. Students must park in their assigned lot.
  • Failure of students to park in an assigned lot will result in a $30 ticket and/or towing of the vehicle at the owners expense.
  • Students will be assigned to one of the following lots:
    • Lot 1 - Area in front of the McGowan/Fowler Buildings
    • Lot 2 - McGowan Auditorium
    • Lot 3 - Area behind the Tennis Courts
    • Lot 4 - Swartz / Clock Tower (row closest to Swartz)
    • Lot 5 - Parking area across from the Softball Field (row closest to the softball field)
  • Regardless of assigned parking area, students must enter the high school through the main McGowan, Fowler or Swartz entrances. Failure to enter through these entrances may result in disciplinary consequences.

Students are not permitted to:

  • Loiter in or around parked cars, before, during, or after school.
  • Move or drive a vehicle off campus without permission from a school official during the school day.

Students must use safe driving practices at all times:

  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times
  • Texting while driving is prohibited
  • Reckless driving—peeling of tires is prohibited
  • Obey Speed limit signs –15 mph
  • Obey other posted signs around the high school

Failure to comply with the Driving and Parking Regulations could result in the following:

  • Warning letter
  • Parking Ticket - $30.00
  • Vehicle towed from the premises at the owner’s expense
  • Termination of driving privileges to CHS