Parking Permit, Rules and Regulations

Driving and Parking Regulations

Students may not park on school property unless the vehicle being used is properly registered.  Students who drive to school and plan to park on school property must obtain a parking permit and follow all rules and regulations.  Starting October 1st, vehicles parked at the high school complex without a valid CASD parking permit, will be issued a fine of $50. 

Note: Parking on campus is a privilege which can be revoked. Unpaid parking citations become obligations.

To Obtain a Parking Permit

Parking Permits cost $30 each year for the first car.

Parking permits may be obtained while completing the registration (upon initial registration in the district) or annual re-enrollment process in August through InfoSnap.

Students that want to purchase a parking pass must have their annual, August InfoSnap update process completed first.  Parents and student may then order their parking permit through the online form at Parking Permit.  This is only for the first parking permit of the year. Do NOT complete this online form for additional permits within the school year.

Once the parking permit order has been placed, students may pick up their permit in the McGowan office.

Students that want to obtain a permit for a second car need to take $1.00 in cash to the McGowan Office with the make, model, year, color and license plate number of the vehicle.

Parking Rules and Regulations

* Student parking spaces will be indicated by painted "white" lines. Student parking lots include - outside the Fowler/McGowan Main buildings and McGowan Auditorium lot.

*Students may NOT park in the following areas (during school hours): Spaces marked by "yellow" lines, parking lots behind the high school complex, Swartz Building parking lots, Fowler Building Circle/McGowan Building Circle.

* Students are not permitted to go to their cars or move their cars during the school day for any reason without the permission of school officials.

* Students are not permitted to loiter in or around parked cars at any time. 

* There is a mandatory seat belt rule in effect on school property. Students must wear seat belts or risk losing driving and parking privileges. CHS fully supports the South Central PA Highway Safety program in their efforts to make the use of seat belts mandatory on all school campuses.

* Loud music is not prohibited while on school property, including Bellaire Drive.

* The posted speed limit on school property is 15 mph.   

* Students must not interfere with the progress of the school buses.

*Texting and driving is prohibited.

*Reckless driving - peeling of tires is prohibited.

* Students are not permitted to use maintenance access road behind the stadium.

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in the following fines and penalties:

*All tickets will be $50.00

* Students will be given two school days to pay fines.

* If the student was cited for not having a parking permit and the fine is paid within two school days, the student will have the option to obtain a parking decal for $30.00 instead of the $50.00 fine.  All other infractions will remain $50.00.

* Any vehicle in violation of School Driving/Parking Rules and Regulations will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Owner must pay towing bill before the vehicle is released.  Student/Owner will not be notified prior to the towing of the vehicle.