Senior Photos with Camera Box

As you may already know, Camera Box of Camp Hill has served Carlisle High School as the official yearbook photographer for many years. In exchange for allowing Camera Box to photograph our senior class, the Oracle yearbook staff is provided with free pictures of athletic events, many clubs and organizations, academic shots, social activity candid pictures and other groups. In addition to yearbook use, the pictures are also used in a variety of publicity and/or program publications. Without this arrangement, the cost of our yearbook would soar greatly due to increased photography costs.

When your senior participates in a sitting, Camera Box provides the Oracle staff with a yearbook picture. Using one photographer assures our staff of a consistent style and high quality that is especially important when we publish the entire yearbook in color. The senior section of the yearbook will be our first submission. In order to publish a yearbook in May, our publisher will require us to submit the senior section by the end of October. Camera Box must complete all senior photo portraits by mid-September so they have enough time to complete all retouches and create the picture disk required by the publisher.

The basic portrait sitting consists of various head and shoulder poses in one outfit and normally costs $35.00. However, students may schedule an appointment to have their picture taken by Camera Box in the Fowler Center on July 30th, July 31st, and August 1st will pay only $25.00 for a sitting fee and yearbook picture. Morning, afternoon and some early evening appointments are available at school. Students who are unable to schedule a sitting at school may schedule an appointment at Camera Box in Camp Hill any time during June, July or August. A limited number of appointments will also be available at the Camp Hill studio in September. If you have any concerns regarding the sitting fee, please contact the yearbook adviser, Kate Muir, at [email protected], and she may able to offer assistance.

Please urge your senior to dress appropriately. To ensure continuity throughout the senior section, we strongly encourage male students to wear a coat and tie and females to refrain from wearing thin–strapped tank style tops. Dark colors are recommended to enhance the quality of the picture. Coats and ties will be supplied for males and drapes for females if necessary. Camera Box can provide coats and ties, but boys must bring their own dress shirt. Shirt sizes vary too widely and will not be provided. Please remember that you are under no obligation to purchase senior portrait packages, but only Camera Box portraits will be published in the Oracle. For an additional charge, other poses can be taken at the Camp Hill studio in attire of the student’s choice and the Camera Box offers a variety of photo packages. Visit their website for more information or to schedule an appointment:

The yearbook staff is already working on the design of next year’s Oracle. Our goal is to create a beautiful book that your senior will treasure for many years to come. We want to include pictures of EVERY senior, but we need your help. Due to yearbook publishing deadlines, it is important for students to schedule picture appointments during the summer months. Please encourage your senior to schedule an appointment with Camera Box, as soon as possible.


Camera Box & Oracle Yearbook Staff