I.      Mission


A.   The mission of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of Carlisle High School.


II.         General


A.    Students who meet membership requirements at the conclusion of the first semester and accept the conditions of membership may join this chapter in April.  Students who are members of another chapter may transfer their membership to the CHS chapter of NHS within a month of enrollment.


B.    Students who decline the offer of membership shall be invited to join the National Honor Society each subsequent year so long as they continue to meet eligibility requirements.


C.    Candidates for election to this chapter must be second semester sophomores, or juniors, or seniors who are full-time students.


D.    No candidate shall be eligible for election to this chapter until the completion of eighteen weeks of attendance at Carlisle High School.


E.    Students who join are required to pay $10 in dues for each year of membership in NHS


III.   Academic




A.    To be eligible for membership, a student must have and maintain a minimum un-weighted or weighted cumulative quality point average of A-, 3.667 out of a possible 4.0 cumulative quality point average.  Grades will be reviewed by semester.


B.    Carlisle High School initiates must have an A- (3.667) un-weighted or weighted cumulative quality point average on the basis of all course grades earned during the grade 9 year and thereafter through grade 12.


C.    Transfer members must maintain a Carlisle High School un-weighted or weighted average of A- (3.667) based on all grades earned from entrance to Carlisle High School through grade 12 or maintain an un-weighted or weighted cumulative quality point average of A- (3.667) on the basis of all course grades earned during the grade 9 year and thereafter through grade 12. 


D.    Students will be responsible for maintaining academic standards.  Any student whose average falls below the un-weighted or weighted cumulative quality point average of A- (3.667) shall be warned promptly in writing by the NHS Faculty Council and give one nine-week marking period to rectify their average if it is mathematically possible to do so.


IV.  Character


A.    Candidates for membership and members of the National Honor Society must demonstrate good character.



B.    School and Community Citizenship


1.   Beginning in grade 9 and thereafter students may be excluded from membership for any of the following reasons:


      a.         Out of school suspension


      b.         Probation by the courts or being convicted of any felony or misdemeanor.


2.   Beginning in grade 9 and thereafter, the following infractions by students will be cause for review by the NHS Faculty Council and may result in expulsion from the National Honor Society:


      a.         In school suspension


      b.         Assignment to detention and/or Saturday work program


      c.         Other behavior which reflects adversely upon the school


                  1)         These matters shall be fully investigated by the NHS Faculty Council


2)   The National Honor Society member shall have the right to present evidence on his/her own behalf


C.    School obligations – Members must meet all obligations to the school and school district.  Obligations shall include, but not be limited to, the following:


      1.   Financial obligations


      2.   Health obligations (physical examination, immunization, etc.)


      3.   Equipment (laptop, sports, science lab, etc.)


      4.   Library


D.    Academic Dishonesty – Academic dishonesty shall be grounds for dismissal from the National Honor Society


V.    Service


A.  Attendance at monthly meetings shall be mandatory.  Failure to attend one meeting will result in a warning and place the student on probationary status.  The second will result in steps toward removal of the student from NHS.


B.    Members shall participate in Honor Society projects designed to provide service to the school and the community.


C.    For chapter-wide projects, each member will be given an assignment which must be completed.  Service hour credit will be assigned for these projects.  Failure to complete your portion of the project may result in removal from NHS based on the degree to which the infraction negatively affected the project.


D.    Each member of this chapter shall perform five hours of service projects each semester.  Failure to do this is cause for removal from the chapter and the member will lose all privileges of membership in the chapter.  Hours needed may be earned before a semester begins and carry forward to the subsequent semester.  Seniors inducted during the Spring semester must complete 3 hours of service prior to the deadline given by the advisor.   Seniors who do not meet this requirement will not be eligible to wear the NHS cord at graduation. 


E.    Service hours must be submitted with evidence of participation.




VI.  Leadership – In addition to being academic leaders in our school, members shall participate in al least one school-related activity beyond classroom obligations.


VII. Violations – Alleged infractions of the academic standards or standards of character, service, or leadership shall be reported to the NHS Faculty Council.  Members who are so charged shall be promptly notified in writing by the chapter advisor and will be given the right to a hearing before the NHS Faculty Council.  If the Faculty Council, after considering all available evidence, finds the allegation to be accurate, the member shall be dismissed form the National Honor Society.  A member who has been dismissed may appeal the decision of the NHS Faculty Council under the same rules for disciplinary appeals in the school district.


VIII.     Quorum – Business of this National Honor Society may be conducted when a quorum of one more than half of the membership is present at any regularly scheduled or special meeting.


IX.  By-laws – These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote at any regularly scheduled or special meeting of the chapter and must be approved by the NHS Faculty Council or they may be amended by a majority vote of the NHS Faculty Council.




Percentage Range

Alpha Grade

Quality Points

95 – 100



92 – 94



89 – 91



86 – 88



83 – 85



80 – 82



77 – 79



74 – 76



71 – 73



65 – 70



64 and below