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Student Assistance Program (SAP) -The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a

statewide program designed to help school personnel identify issues, including alcohol, drugs, mental health, and behavioral concerns, which pose a barrier to a student's learning and school success. It is at this point that a team of trained professionals can lend a helping hand in a non-punitive manner. Many times the services provided are free of any charges.

The SAP team of specially-trained school personnel uses a systematic process to intervene and refer students to appropriate in-school and/or community services. Parent involvement is an important part of the process. SAP is an intervention program, NOT a treatment program. The team does not diagnose or treat the problem; however, professional substance abuse and mental health assessment services are available through the community agency liaisons who work with the team.

Students are referred to SAP for a variety of reasons to include: withdrawing from friends and family; change of friends; talking of suicide, unexplained physical injury, depression, aggressive behavior, lying, needing money without explanation, sudden drop in grades, refusal to come to school or experimenting with drugs/alcohol. Additionally some students require services as a result of the recent death of a loved one, a divorce, relationship problems, family relocation or any other traumatic event.

If a student is experiencing difficulty at school or home, that is a barrier to learning then the Student Assistance Program is an excellent resource.

Carlisle High School has two SAP Teams, one in the Swartz building and one in the McGowan building. Contact information for team members can be found on the left side of the screen under Swartz and McGowan.

All that is needed to start the process is an anonymous referral to any staff member at the school or write a referral and drop it off in the S.A.P. referral box in the counseling offices or main office.

All members of Student Assistance Team are trained by a PA Dept. of Education approved provider (Teenline).Teenline is a service of the Holy Spirit Health System. The Teenline program is recognized as a Commonwealth Approved Training Provider for Student Assistance Trainings by the Department of Education and has been providing training since 1986.

A statewide toll-free suicide and crisis hotline for teenagers and parents (1-800-722-5385)


PA SAP Website


Cumberland Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission

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