Pay by Credit Card

You have chosen to pay for your Night Club Card (NCC) or your Night Season Pass (NSP) with a credit card.  The link below will take you to a secure website setup by Roundtop Mountain Resort. 

Please be aware that you will be asked to upload you own photograph while on the website.  Also, you MUST complete an on-line NCC Release Agreement.

You are REQUIRED to read the Responsibility Code and the Program Legal Liability Release Agreement (On the Roundtop Mountain Resort website on in the "Release Agreements" tab on the left side of this website).

You will need to have the Club ID (4551) and the Site Password (carlisle hs) in order to continue.  Please record or remember them and then click the link below:

To purchase your Night Club Card online you will need to do the following: 
1. Go to the Roundtop Mountain Resort website (link below).

2. Click on Season Pass link and enter the following information:

Club Name: 4551

Password: carlisle hs

Select: Login. 

3. Under the CASD logo click on "See Available Items".  You will be guided through the website to purchase the desired product(s).

4. You will be able to choose from the following options:

Night Club Card (NCC) or Night Season Pass (NSP) or Season Pass (SP)
Type of Night Club Card - Lift only or Lift/Lesson or Lift/Lesson/Rental
The Advantage Card Option. (Product information is listed on website.)
The Protection Policy
A Helmet (Product information is listed on website.)

5. **Upload a photo directly on the Roundtop Mountain Resort website**

6. You MUST complete the on-line Liability Release Agreement.

7.  At the completion of the sale you will receive a confirmation email and a receipt.  Please print out the receipt.  

8.  Your card(s) will be mailed to your home address.

If you need assistance please call 717-432-9631 ext. 3723 or email

When you are ready, please click the link below to take you to the secure website setup by Roundtop Mountain resort.  Thank you!