Shoestring Science STEM Competition 2017

Shoestring Science Competition 2017
On Saturday, October 21st, 2017, six Carlisle High School students participated in the 2nd annual Shoestring Science STEM Competition at Big Spring Middle School. The six students who represented CHS were the following: Rileigh O'Hagan, Grace Snyder, Matthew Hoss, McKaylan McCullough, and Jacob Bretthorst.
Jacob Bretthorst, and McKaylan McCullough

The six Carlisle students competed against multiple student teams from Big Spring, Shippensburg and West Perry high schools.  The Shoestring Science Competition had a variety of challenges that students had to solve using collaboration, teamwork, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) skill sets!   Teams participated in five ‘surprise’ challenges that adhered to strict time limits.  Students and advisors were unaware of the challenges that the teams would be solving throughout the day; however, they turned out to be pretty "EGG-citing." The five challenges that were presented to students all dealt with eggs and included the following: the "red, white, and blue" density column, the egg obstacle course, the egg tower (tallest tower to support an egg using only a given number of newspaper sheets, tape pieces, and scissors), the egg ramp, as well as an overall team test on science and mathematical concepts.  Teams who broke an egg during any of the tasks were disqualified from that particular event. 

The fun and engaging event was enjoyed by all student competitors!  The team ‘The Egg-sterminators,’ which consisted of Matt Hoss, McKaylan McCullough, and Jacob Bretthorst came in 4th place while the "Go the Egg-stra Mile" team, which consisted of Trin Winget, Grace Snyder, and Rileigh O'Hagan, placed 5th. These students did a great job representing the Carlisle Area School District at this "EGG"stra-ordinary event!